Projections 2: The Calls Are From Inside the House

Reflecting on recent protests outside of Brett Kavanaugh’s home as well as a recent news story where police invaded the home of a 16 year old trans Twitch streamer, Will Beaman (@agoingaccount) notes ways in which conservative narratives around household and parental identity are unstable and contested.

Focus on the Family Values (ft. Erica Robles-Anderson, @fstflofscholars)

In this special episode of Superstructure, Cohost Natalie Tabb Smith (@orangeasm) is joined by Erica Robles-Anderson (@fstflofscholars) and Scott Ferguson (@videotroph) to discuss common interests between the Money on the Left Editorial Collective and the Oikos working group on kinship/economy. Naty, Erica and Scott reflect on households, financial forms, and reproductive politics in our contemporary… Continue reading →

Medium Femme – 6 – Pleasure on the Left (Part 2)

Continuing their consideration of pleasure for a world of leftist struggle, co-hosts Charlotte Tavan (@moltopopulare) and Natalie Tabb Smith (@orangeasm) turn to a recently published Superstructure article co-authored by Erica Robles-Anderson and Scott Ferguson. Titled “The Visual Cliff: Eleanor Gibson and the Origins of Affordance,” the essay critically locates the hidden history of contemporary user-experience design in… Continue reading →

Projections 1: Up for Grabs

In this first episode of Projections, Will Beaman (@agoingaccount) reflects on some recent comments from US Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va) suggesting Democrats should prioritize inflation over Roe v. Wade in their campaign messaging in the midterms. Music: “Lilac” from “This Would Be Funny If It Were Happening To Anyone But Me” EP by flirting.http://flirtingfullstop.bandcamp.comTwitter: @actualflirting

Superstructure 32 – Know Your Allies

Cohosts Will Beaman (@agoingaccount), Natalie Tabb Smith (@orangeasm) and Maxximilian Seijo (@maxseijo) are back to reflect on some of the many things that have happened since their last episode. Mentioning Elon Musk’s tentative Twitter purchase, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s feud with Disney, and escalating political attacks against LGBT educators and children,… Continue reading →

Modern Movie Theory: Old Enough!

In this installment of the Modern Movie Theory series, Scott Ferguson explores how a complex aesthetics of omniscience raises important questions about dependence, care, and responsibility in the Netflix show Old Enough!. Recently repackaged by Netflix for streaming audiences across 190 countries, Old Enough! is, in fact, a long-running Japanese reality show titled, “My First Errand,” which began… Continue reading →

On the political force of MMT

From a non-sovereign perspective By Andris ŠuvajevsA couple of days ago, the British economics commentator, Grace Blakeley, called people who advocate Modern Monetary Theory “naïve.” This was following a public radio appearance earlier that same day, in which she described tax breaks for the wealthy as taking money directly from those who claim public benefits.… Continue reading →

Economics as Discourse

Andrés Bernal and Natalie T. Smith critique the recent mainstream econ Twitter shaming of MMT, while vibing on left heterodox anti-racist & feminist economics. The conversation then turns toward Latin American politics and Andrés’ latest paper on inflation for the Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity. Read Andrés paper here: Link to our Patreon: Music:… Continue reading →

Medium Femme – 4 – Food Publics (with Max Sussman)

Hosts Charlotte Tavan (@moltopopulare) and Naty T. Smith (@orangeasm) talk food with chef Max Sussman (@maxsussman) in episode 4 of Medium Femme, from the Money on the Left Editorial Collective (@moneyontheleft). The discussion touches on the political openings and challenges in the pandemic food industry, ranging from labor to small business politics to  federal aid… Continue reading →

Superstructure 31 – Non Eugenic Media Practice (ft. Beatrice Adler-Bolton)

Beatrice Adler-Bolton (@realLandsEnd) of the Death Panel podcast joins cohosts Will Beaman (@agoingaccount), Natalie Smith (@orangeasm) & Maxximilian Seijo (@MaxSeijo) to discuss a recent article about pandemic politics published by Adler-Bolton and her cohost Artie Vierkant in The New Inquiry. Titled “The Beyblade Strategy” or: How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Focused Protection,” the essay uncovers… Continue reading →


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