9 – Abolition as Transformation (with Maite Salazar)

In this episode, hosts Will Beaman & Maxximilian Seijo discuss the abolitionist political vision with guest Maite Salazar (@MaiteSalazar4MO), progressive congressional candidate for Missouri’s 5th Congressional District in Kansas City.

Linking the movements for prison abolition to the long & evolving fight against institutions of slavery, Will, Maxx & Maite reflect on the ongoing activist-led approaches to social justice through Maite’s particular experience in Kansas City organizing. They insist on the need for a total transformation of the political and economic frameworks upon which such genocidal institutions were founded.

For more information about their congressional campaign: www.votesalazar.com

Music: “Yum” from “This Would Be Funny If It Were Happening To Anyone But Me” EP by flirting.
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