19 – Close Encounters With The Dirtbag Left

Cohosts Will Beaman and Natalie Smith are joined by Scott Ferguson and Andrés Bernal to reflect on a recent “close encounter” with the Dirtbag Left. They diagnose the perverse comfort that the Dirtbag Left takes in contracting political economy around fixed points of “leverage” over political elites. Touching on the Jimmy Dore controversy and a recent Chapo episode on Avatar, the team compares the austere physics metaphors that structure the Left’s hopelessness to neoliberal action cinema’s preoccupation with what Ferguson has called its “Hyper-Newtonian Aesthetics”.

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Music: “Yum” from “This Would Be Funny If It Were Happening To Anyone But Me” EP by flirting. flirtingfullstop.bandcamp.com/ Twitter: @actualflirting

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