Money on the left: History, Theory, Practice – Instructions for Authors

Money on the Left is open for submissions of completed original manuscripts. Unless otherwise indicated, submissions to Money on the Left will undergo anonymous peer-review prior to publication. Before submitting a manuscript for review, please ensure that it satisfies the following criteria:

  1. The manuscript should include (1) a title; (2) an abstract or a summary of the argument not to exceed 300 words; and (3) a bibliography or works cited page.
  2. The manuscript should adhere to an established style guide. Use of Chicago Style (17th edition) with endnotes is strongly preferred, and will help to streamline the review and publication processes. 
  3. The manuscript should not include copyrighted material, unless the author(s) are able to demonstrate that they have previously received written permission from the copyright holder to use said material. 

Manuscripts should be submitted via email to, and should be accompanied by a note to the editors that clearly indicates that the manuscript (1) is not currently under review with another journal; and (2) has not been published elsewhere. 

Money on the Left will be published under a Creative Commons license. Authors retain fully copyright ownership of work published in the Money on the Left journal.

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